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Poverty Sucks is a rant by a homeless individual, who confronted by his circumstances, emerges as an Everyman; who expresses his struggle within the pervasive, geo-political, racial, ethnic and class warfare permeating our communities; and speaks on how he is personally affected and shaped by impending and colliding societal conflict.

Through it all, he survives with his dignity intact. A defiant warrior, stroking his righteous indignation and his intention to prevail, even giving hints of rebellion.

His is a warning to the ruling classes, a sign of the tempest to come.

This song is dedicated to Aaron... where ever he is.

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

-Langston Hughes


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Poverty Sucks - Lyrics

By S.B. Juhudah

Well ah'm broke... broker den a broke dick dog
An ah'm hongrey... haben't bin greased so long
Dat ah'm starving lak Marvin... lak ta be scarfin
Some chicken an greens... in da well a ma dreams

Ah bin runnin roun looking lak a dey ole bone
Ah'd lak to crash... but ah ain't got no home
Ah bin sleepin on da grown
LORD ah'm feelin down
Ah'd lak ta laugh... but lately all ah do is frown

Poverty Sucks (4x's)

Ya know once upon a time ...ah wuz livin large
Ah had it soft...ah didn't push too hard
Ah had plenty of money... life wuz so sunny
Had plenty of friends...thought dat it wouldn't end

But den Reaganomics came an kicked my ass
Ah took a fall...look lak ah fell so fast
Lost mah J.O.B... an ah lost mah home
Now ya see me very much alone... ah'm tellin ya

Poverty Sucks (4x's)

It doesn't take a genius or... a super brain to see
Dat de economy is goin down da drain
Whether we lak it or not were goin ta pot
Poor people get a liddle an da rich a lot

While da very cost a livins in da high octane
The rulin classes are reactin lak dey goin insane
Makin plans to attack...all Latinos an Blacks
While da poor are persecuted for da things dey lak

Ya know dey got a notion
Dat dey king a da ocean
An every single move dey make
Will put da world in motion

Ah gots ta bust dey bubble
Dey gonna be some trouble
If dey don't change dey attidude
Dey gonna get it double

Dere's not much toleration
Survivin in da nation
Our leader's got an odor
Dat invites regurgitation

It goes against da grain
Da system is insane
Ah gots ta tell it all
An make it plain

Ah'm tellin ya

Poverty Sucks (4x's)


Ah wanna work...but dey ain't no job for me
Ah needs a home..tired a dis poverty
You people think we lak welfare
Sucka jus don't care
You runnin from me
Lak ahm da enemy

But all ah wanna hold mah head up high
An be a wave da streets bye bye
An give mah ass ta da trickle down blues
You will prob'ley see it ohn da news

Ah'm tellin ya

Poverty Sucks (9x's)


Poverty Sucks - Personnel

Words and Music by S.B. Juhudah

Selah Eric Spruiell - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Percussion
Brian Mason - Sound Engineer, Drum programming, Synth Sounds, Guitar and Background Vocals
Paul Crutchfield - Background Vocals
Nadia Danielle - Background Vocals
Noam Szwergold - Keyboards

Produced by The Funky 3 - Selah Eric Spruiell, Paul Crutchfield and Brian Mason for Brooklyn Bunch Productions